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Goldrun ™ Rye

375ml, 45% ABV

Goldrun Rye is our flagship rye whiskey from 100% Organic White North Dakota Rye. Unlike other industrial rye whiskeys, Goldrun Rye is produced like an Eau De Vie: mashed, fermented and distilled twice in small batches in a unique way that enables us to retain rich yet floral aromas of the rye grain.   The process is expensive, complex and painstakingly slow.  We age the Rye in new charred white Minnesota oak barrels half the size of traditional barrels. This is a Rye unlike any other Rye you ever had – and we were told it is a benchmark for what true American Ryes ought to be.   Every release is a single barrel release.

Here is what one of our friends, Mahon McGrath at K&L said about Goldrun Rye:  

“ You want rye? I mean, REALLY? ‘Cause this is about the most faithful evocation of the grain in spirituous form I have yet had the opportunity to taste. It is like they did an eau de vie of the it. The only rye whiskey on the market that I can say it somewhat resembles is Anchor’s Old Potrero bottlings, which also happen to have a 100% rye mash bill and hail from the San Francisco bay area. Still, the Gold Run is very much in a class by itself. There’s a compelling natural sweetness, absent from the vast majority of rye whiskeys currently on the market, that has very little to do with the oak aging, which in this case is minimal. I find this excellent, if highly unusual. So dominant is the grain’s flavor that it punches clear through the other ingredients in a manhattan or a sazerac, announcing its presence with scarcely diminished gusto: “I gotta be me!” Rye whiskey fiends (mea culpa) will definitely want to give this a try.”


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