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Rusty Blade

Single Barrel “Rusty Blade™  Gin  

750ml, 62% ABV 2010 Barrel Strength release

Blade Gin specially aged in French Oak with a touch of magic.  Unique release unlike anything you’ve had before.  Bound to rival any single malt whiskey or cognac brandy.

“ The juniper and citrus notes already present in the Blade gin became aromas of baking spice and cloves, with hints of vanilla and a rounded mouthfeel - flavors of the holiday season, and just in time!  The result is so good we're not sure if we want to sip it or mix it, or both simultaneously”.

” I am convinced that this is the best barrel-aged gin available and am going to go on record here that it might be the best gin ever made.  For sipping, for martinis, for negronis, or for mixology experimentation, the Rusty Blade is as delicious and unique as it gets.” -David Driscoll, K&L Wines.


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