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Kuchan™ Oak Aged O’Henry Peach Eaux De Vie

375ml. 40% ABV – Aged  in French Limousin Oak
O’Henry Peach (Prunus Persica) - O'Henry is a brightly colored, large peach with only a slight fuzz. The flesh is yellow, sweet and juicy with a little red streaking. Introduced in California around 1968, bred by Grant Merrill and is believed to be an open pollinated seedling of Merrill Bonaza, maybe crossed with a nectarine. 22 lbs of fruit in a bottle.

   “The oak-aged O'Henry peach eau de vie is ridiculously good. The toasty, creamy vanilla flavors of the oak join forces with the floral, fresh fruit flavors of the peaches to make an uncommonly smooth and rich brandy” – Stett Holbrook, Metro Magazine      

“If you want a small piece of history, this is a small renaissance in a half bottle.  For serious cocktail enthusiasts and the few who want to taste real peach whiskey, this is it.”- David Driscoll, K&L Wines


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