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Indian Blood Peach
Kuchan™ La Pêche De Vigne / Indian Blood Peach Eau De Vie

375ml. 40% ABV
Indian Blood Peach— Tart, delicate fruit that bruises and spoils easily. Also knows in France as La Pêche de Vigne. Heirloom variety planted in our Croatian vineyards at end of vineyard rows indicating diseases and pests attacking heartier vines. Not particularly viable as a table fruit due to lower sugar and esthetic flaws yet makes incredible Eau De Vie.

White flesh with deep red blood marbling from the pit. Thick, nutty skin with yellow fuzz. Pungent rich tannic skin aroma with touch of cinnamon spice.
Truly unique and mazing Eau De Vie. 27 lbs of fruit per single bottle. Extremely Limited Edition 2010 due to rain and extreme brown rot damage to the orchard.


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