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Davorin Kuchan is a third generation winemaker and distiller born in Zagreb, Croatia.  A prodigal son and an unwavering optimist, Davorin decided to return to childhood family roots after 20 years in California.  Overheard frequently claiming that California is “heaven on earth”, Davorin grew up running through the family vineyards and orchards (much faster after sneaking sips of slivovitz and grappa from the 200 year old family still).  

He continues his family tradition with intention to gather friends, family and neighbors around good food, terrific spirits and loud, occasional off key singing with accordion accompaniment. Menlo College and Berkeley Haas Graduate, Davorin has been known to claim that “Good Stuff Needs NO Special Effects” to the point of actually trade marking it.  

He urges people to enjoy his creations responsibly and is absolved from any responsibility of the creative effects of Thujone in his absinthes.


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